{Gospel Tea} ‘Thicker Than Water’ Star Jewel Tankard Says Stepson is "NOT Gay"

The ‘Thicker Than Water’ star Jewel Tankard has come to the defense of her stepson Marcus Tankard. Jewel says “ Marcus is actually all man. But he was raised primarily by his grandmother. And Ben didn’t connect with him to later in his childhood. If he was I would just say true. But when a brother is not it can be hurtful if it’s not the case. He is a powerful man of God. That loves His family wife & people. I know you probably meant no harm but just keep those things in mind. We are real people with real feelings. Pray God bless you beyond your wildest dreams.” Take a look at the comments below and let Us know what you think:

Convo between Maria Rios & Jewel

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