{Television} Preachers’ Exes

There is a new reality show called “Preachers’ Exes” being shopped around and they are close to signing a deal. Read the synopsis below and comment in the comment section on the show.

SynopsisA non-scripted docu-series for television. Most churches have mess from the pulpit to the pew, but America has been afraid to deal with the issues of the pastor and those who have been involved with the pastor. Churches have split apart, infidelity has wreaked havoc, and women have been silenced by the code of ethics that states, “What go on in the church stays in the church or what goes on behind closed doors stays behind closed doors.” Who is qualified to be the preacher’s wife? And where did she come from?

Being the praying preacher’s wife isn’t always what it seems to be. After all, most women compete for the title “First Lady” not knowing that it’s more than just the glitz and glamor of Sunday morning worship. Most women are attracted to the power and/or the anointing that these men are encompassed around not knowing that this position is one of submission and much needed prayer.

In the Christian church, we often put these men of God on pedestals and the women they marry are normally ostracized because of their virtue after their husband’s fall from grace. America has no idea what the praying preacher’s wife goes through on a daily basis and even after divorce. These women have sacrificed their lives, their careers, and often times, their sanity to rightfully fulfill this position that most women would die for. Most people don’t know that these women often question the God they serve and if He really loves them and their children.

What happened to these marriages that were “supposed to be” ordained by God? Why does the Christian church have the greatest divorce rate even compared to the atheist? What has happened to the women that once labored in prayer for their husbands? Are these women closer to God now or have they completely walked away from God? Where are they? And who are they?

Let us look into the lives of six (6) cast members as they come together to celebrate their freedom or maybe not. Will they be honest with America, each other, and themselves? Are they psychologically prepared to date and live their best lives? Or have they swept all their dirt under the rug? Are they afraid to face even their own demons? Forgiveness is a journey, but sometimes we need to forgive ourselves before the journey can begin. Each woman will have to look in their own mirror and face what they see. Let’s follow those who have much to say after life on the pulpit. Are they all former wives? And are they all women?

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